Happy Owls Love is a Baby Centre and Day Care that provides a safe, loving environment for your children from 4 months up to 5 years.

We use a Holistic approach – we support, encourage and develop the child as a whole and as an individual. We teach both Afrikaans and English.

Our Main Focus is the Child – their needs and nurturing their spirits.

Have a look through our website and we hope to see you soon at our Day Care. Please do check out our party solutions as well.

It's important for us to be flexible — letting you pick up and drop off your child at different times, for instance — but we should also have to clearly establish regulations for everything from operating hours to how to handle emergencies. We are able to supply you with a written copy of its policies. That way you know we takes responsibility — for your baby/child — seriously.

We also have a strict sick-child policy. Find out which illnesses will keep your child home, and for how long. A tough policy may inconvenience you if your child is ill, but keeping sick children (and staff) away from the center makes sense. Good centers help cut down on illness by requiring all children and employees to have current immunizations and regular checkups. The common cold, on the other hand, may not be reason enough to stay home. We do regular Fever checks on babies –  A febrile convulsion is a fit or seizure that occurs in children when they have a high fever. This can happen in children aged six months to five years. We will contact the parents immediately to notify.

We have an open-door policy and encourages parents to stop by unannounced, Bottom line: Our Day Care is a well-organized and has strict rules. The safety of the kids we are not giving any child to anyone except the one that’s authorized to pick him/her up. In case of the unexpected happened you have to contact us with the person’s full details and the child must know the person.  

A stimulating curriculum

We have structured schedules that include plenty of time for physical activity, quiet time (including daily reading sessions for groups and individuals), group programs, individual activities, meals, snacks, and free time.

TV and videos will play little or no part in what your child does all day; if videos are part of the program, we make sure they're age-appropriate and, ideally, somewhat educational, teaching about animals, other cultures, and so on. A well-thought-out program stimulates your child's development and makes daily life more fun. There are times we show some movies, but that we keep for rainy days or that special “movie” day. Technology is part of today’s childhood - Core skills in computer literacy in early childhood are essential, and will provide a strong foundation for entry into a school.

We have a wide range of age-appropriate toys that will encourage your child's development and, as he/she gets older, stimulate creativity, imaginative play.

Bottom line: Your child needs a place that offers high quality development skills with a range of age-appropriate activities.