At Happy Owls Love we strive to create a warm, inspiring and happy environment, where our children are encouraged to learn through various activities, with play being the main tool used.

We concentrate on developing the children emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually, with their moral and spiritual development being of great importance.

The children are given the opportunity to grow their bodies, minds and souls to reach their maximum potential. They will be supported where necessary and loved and accepted unconditionally.

We foster a respect for themselves, others and the environment through a range of stimulating activities, and strive to nourish them so that they grow into happy, confident and independent individuals who embrace and love life.

It is vital that in these important years of development that the foundation is laid for the child's future development and holistic success.


Our facilities are beautiful, homely and bright, all instrumental in creating a happy warm and loving environment for our children. All the areas is monitored by CCTV for everyone’s safety and protection.

Our gardens are safe and well maintained with beautiful natural areas where the children can connect with nature. They can explore, dream, watch the seasons change and experience the fun of messy play. This is where they are able to catch a glimpse of the amazing world in which we live.

Our outdoor equipment is age appropriate providing a challenging environment for physical activities. The little ' play house ' is equipped with dress up clothes and props to allow the children to lose themselves in role play or fantasy.

Our classrooms are warm, bright and clean each with its own bathrooms. There are fantasy, literacy and numeracy, construction and creative play areas. The babies have a changing area with each have their own named basket for nappies, bum cream and wipes provided by the parents.

We also have a sickroom for the kids not feeling so well to rest and get some attention and get monitored. We also have a big Lapa covered and save for rainy days to play – Soft toys, roll play, movie times etc.